Release notes Sprint 86 & 87

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Added a possibility to copy a template

Setting up multiple templates in Lytho can be quite a time-consuming job. We believe making only a few changes to a copy is way easier than setting up a similar template from scratch. To help our template managers with setting up similar templates, we have introduced the option to copy a template with all its tags, permissions, template field configurations, output types, and translations

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Options added for embedded links; cropping and scaling

When using embedded links you might not always want an asset in the exact dimensions as it has in Lytho. Technically skilled users might know how to crop or scale embedded links by adding additions to the URL. But with our new options for creating embedded links in Lytho we have made this much easier and doable for all our users.

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Showing all available tags in the batch edit bar instead of a selection

In Sprint 83 we improved the tag performance that affected the speed of Lytho. Instead of fetching hundreds of tags automatically from our server, we only showed a selection of the 100 most relevant tags. With this newly introduced button, users can load more tags themselves in batches of 100 tags per click as many times as needed to display all the tags that live within Lytho.

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Asset details are now also shown on the asset share page

The Lytho asset share page has been enriched with more asset details for the shared assets. View asset file types, dimensions, and file sizes like you are used to in Lythos Asset Manager

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