Release notes Sprint 85

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Create a publication from a specific language

Templates can be translated into many different languages so titles, descriptions, and default field text are being displayed in the account-configured language. And now we have added a way, for authorized users, to create a publication in a different language, other than by changing your account-configured language. The option can be found in the dropdown menu of a template.

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Template specific translations modal

Not only creating publications in specific languages has been made easier, but also managing the translations of templates has been improved. A new modal has been introduced to the templates settings where all translations, of the template you're editing, can be configured. Keep in mind that this is not replacing the general translations module where you can still manage your template translations too. 

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Show only relevant tag groups in tag group menus

Previous sprint horizontal scrolling for the tag group menus was introduced to allow you to add double as many tag groups inside your tag group menus. But to keep the use of these tag group menus as simple as possible we have added a filter that checks if the tags in the tag group are relevant to your search. If none of the tags in a tag group are relevant, the tag group won't be shown in the menu. Hereby, we try to keep the tag group menus as simple and efficient as possible.

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