Release notes Sprint 84

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Convert image and source files to PNG, JPG

During the development of Lytho we not only try to take our vision into account, but we also try to listen to our customers. That's why we're excited to add this much-requested new feature to our platform. We have added a dropdown list to the download settings where admins, that are authorized to do so, can set up a new download preset to provide your users converting options.

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Improved UX and UI for setting up templates

A Lytho template must meet a number of conditions before it can be published so that users can use it. For this, we have added a small checklist that tells you at a glance what the template still needs to meet before it can be published. Besides that, we have improved the UI of the template fields so that it is clearer and more in line with the rest of Lytho's UI.

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Tag menus allow horizontal scrolling

Grouping up to four tag groups into tag menus was already a great improvement when it comes to faster and easier filtering of your assets. However, the maximum of four groups felt like a limitation so we doubled the number of tag groups in a tag menu. To get it fitting, we came up with a solution where the last four menus are displayed on a second page.

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Pagination of translations

The translation setting within Lytho, where you can translate your tags and templates, has been upgraded to give our users a more user-friendly experience. We did that by changing the long list of (untranslated)tags or templates to a more simplistic paginated view. Each page will show a maximum of 25 records so you no longer have to wait until all hundreds of records have been loaded.