Release notes Sprint 83

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Improved filter for tags as a condition on image fields in templates

In Sprint 81 we introduced "Adding a tag to an image field of a template as a condition". In this sprint, we changed the logic for filtering out the right assets that should be available for the image field in a template. When selecting multiple tags, we used to search for assets with all the tags applied (known as an 'AND-filter'). This has been changed into an 'OR-filter', so all assets with at least one of all applied tags will be available for use in the publications image field.

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Improved tag performance

In the past few years, Lytho's customer base, as well as their Lytho environments, have been growing very hard. Many assets have been uploaded and many tags have been created. Requesting all of this data from our servers, on some occasions, might affect the speed of Lytho. In this sprint, we managed to improve the speed and performance of loading and processing tags, ensuring that you will have an even better experience working in Lytho.