Release notes Sprint 82

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Send a copy of a publication

Private publications can be duplicated and changed into public publications, but these publications will always belong to whoever created them. Instead of handing over the ownership of a publication, we have introduced a way to send a copy to another Lytho user. A copy will appear in the private publications of the receiving user and this user will be able to let its creativity run wild without interfering with the original publication. 

💡 With this feature, you can set up a publication with some inspiration for your local marketing agencies.

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Embedded video's

In sprint 79 we introduced embedded links for assets like images, powerpoints, and documents. During this sprint, we made additional changes to support embedded links for video assets. This implies that from now on you are able to include a Lytho video asset on your HTML page.

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