Release notes sprint 81

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

New Profile page UI and manage your personal shared links

The profile page has been given a nice facelift. It not only fits better with the rest of Lytho, but we also added the possibility to manage your personal shared links. Managing shared links was introduced in our previous release, but that was only possible for admins with sufficient rights.

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Add a tag to an image field of a template as a condition

When setting up a template, there are a few ways to add conditions to an asset field. You may restrict the user to pick only assets from the Asset Manager, or only an asset from a preset selection. The newest option we added is very similar to the preset selection, but it is a little more intuitive. The option to only choose assets with certain tags will get updated when changes are made in the Asset manager!

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