Release notes sprint 79 & 80

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Creating embedded links for assets

Using Lytho assets within your CMS or HTML pages can now be done with the newly introduced embedded links. The big advantages of this are that you keep one single source of truth and that you no longer have to download and reupload the assets. Just go to the asset in your Lytho asset manager, create an embedded link, copy it and, past it in wherever you need it.

The embedded link will retrieve the current version of the asset from your Lytho asset manager at all times. Keep in mind that assets may be blocked for download, restricted with a publish date or visibility date, and that this will affect the embedded asset outside of Lytho. 

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New Brandcenter UI

In addition to several previous UI updates, we are happy to share that also the Lytho Brandcenter has been updated with a new fresh look! Creating and sharing your Brand guides will remain the same, but with the new UI some features have been made simpler, clearer and prettier. We have updated all existing brand guides to the new UI. Have you noticed any strange looking elements? Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Servicedesk.

Manage your shared links

Within Lytho, you can create several links for different purposes like sharing assets, brand guides, or publications and requesting uploads. These shared links are now manageable on your settings page. Check if your links are still active, when they will expire, and if they allow downloading. These settings can also be edited. For instance, if you don't want the assets to be available for downloading anymore, or if you want to extend the validity of the link.

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Download output from private publications

When using the create & publish module, a user may decide to create a private publication that won't be visible to other users. Yet, authorized administrators can view these private publications, and with this update, the output can also be generated and downloaded.