Release notes sprint 77 & 78

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Request for upload 

Adding assets to your Lytho environment is only allowed for authorized users. But what if you want your external photographer to add his or her pictures to Lytho? Do you need to create a new Lytho account with specific rights to grant access? Not anym0re! We are introducing the Request for upload functionality. Users with the rights to add and approve assets to the Asset Manager are able to send an upload link to anyone that needs to upload assets. Add tags and permissions on the forehand so you don't have to qualify all the uploaded pictures afterward in the Waiting room.

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Edit the homepage buttons

When logging into Lytho, you'll land on the homepage with the search bar and the three buttons for the three modules. We have added the option to configure these buttons with your own preferred design. The navigation will remain the same, but you are able to create some nice designs to match your brand identity.

To do this, go to the Look & Feel page in the Settings and upload your designs on the Homepage tab.

ℹ️ The optimal size for the images is 260px width, 210px height.

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