Release notes sprint 76

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Searching made easier with the new tag menus

Last year we introduced the option to pin tag categories as a dropdown filter list in your asset manager. A tag group would be shown as a single dropdown with the listed tags. We decided to bring this a step further and created the new search tag menus. These menus are basically the same as the pinned tag categories, however, a search tag menu can contain up to 4 tag groups. Each created menu will be displayed at the top of the Asset Manager or Create and Publish module.

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Extended Asset import options - Publish date, visibility date, and 'mark as quitclaim'

The asset Excel import feature was already quite a powerful tool. It could add asset names, descriptions, permissions, and tags to assets in Lytho. From now on you can add a publish date, visibility date and mark an asset as a quitclaim document with the Excel import.

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