Release notes sprint 72

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

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Attach multiple quitclaims to asset(s)

In some cases, multiple quitclaims can be applicable to one asset. To make this possible, Lytho now facilitates the ability to attach more than one quitclaim to an asset.

Use a quitclaim to filter on attached assets

A quitclaim asset can be applied to multiple other assets. With a new filter option, you can easily find out which assets are linked to the quitclaim you are looking at. Navigate through the filter panel to the protection filter and click on the button that states: 'select quitclaim asset'. The modal that pops up, will only show the assets marked as a quitclaim. 

New markers on assets for 'Assets only for use in publications' and 'Marked as quitclaim'

To improve the process of finding the correct assets in the asset manager for our users, we have added new markers to the asset thumbnails. Next to the existing markers for 'blocked for downloading' and 'invisible for other users' we have added:

  1. Asset only for use in publications
  2. Asset is marked as a quitclaim

View your selection in the 'asset select modal'

You might want to have an overview of which assets you have selected while being in the, as we call it, 'asset select modal'. This modal appears for instance when:

  • Choosing a selection of assets for a publication
  • Adding a selection of assets to a publication
  • Filtering on a quitclaim document

A new option is available now at the bottom of the modal, which will show you the selected assets when turned on.