Release notes sprint 71

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Add an asset as quitclaim in batch to multiple assets

A quitclaim document can apply to multiple assets. However, Lytho did not support a way to add a quitclaim document to multiple assets at once. From now on, that has changed. The action bar now provides a way to link an asset as a quitclaim document. Look for it under the protection tab in the action bar.

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Better feedback for executed tasks

When a task is assigned to you, it is listed in the to-do panel. However, we received some feedback that it was not always clear which of the listed task were executed or not. We made changes to the interface by making all executed tasks greyed-out, moving them to the bottom of the list, and blocking it from changing the assignee.

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Improved editing a brand guide (infinite spinner)

Due to recent changes, larger brand guides were having issues being processed. Users could experience a never-ending spinner, without the brand guide being updated with the new changes. With the latest release, this problem has been solved. Editing or publishing guides is no longer a stumbling block.