Release notes sprint 70

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Pinned search

We noticed that our users come back to Lytho to perform the same actions regularly. Repetitive searching for specific assets with recurring tags and filters is one of them. To help our users find their assets faster, we are happy to introduce the 'pinned search'. With this feature, you can save your search criteria and reuse them with one single click.

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Assets that can only be used in publications

Another frequently demanded feature was the option to make assets only available for use in publications. When creating a publication the asset will be visible to the user. Only users with the rights and permissions to edit assets can view these assets in the asset manager. This option can be selected in the asset detail view, or with the action bar for editing multiple assets.

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UI update asset detail view

In addition to the previous two sprints (68 & 69) we have updated the User Interface of the detailed view of assets. This also includes that some of the information and options within the tabs have been updated or have been moved to a slightly different place than you were used to.

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Paste text from MS Word to the richtext editor

We've implemented a more advanced version of the richtext editor. This version comes with the ability to paste text from Word, without messing up the paragraph and character styles. It strips the styling from your Word document and pastes it into the richtext editor. The style that is selected in the richtext editor will be applied to all the text. 

Updated the Template Builder to make it compatible with InDesign 2021

The Lytho templates are based on InDesign files. Adobe has released its annual update for InDesign: 2021. To allow our creative users to use this latest version of InDesign, we have updated the Template Builder extension to make it compatible with InDesign 2021.