Release notes sprint 69

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Hide block & pages for brand guides

While creating a brand guide you could hide blocks from the index on the left-hand side. But with the possibility to copy brand guides, we also got the question if you could completely hide blocks and pages from a brand guide. Guess what? From now on: you can!

If you have multiple brand guides with a significant amount of similarities, you can create one 'master' brand guide which you can duplicate. The pages or blocks that are not relevant for a specific version of a brand guide can be hidden from the view mode by using the 'hide in view' option.

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Set a default color for the color setting in publishing

Lytho templates may have one or more polygons or shapes that are filled with a color. Therefore, you have to select the field type in the template settings to 'color'.  And just like an asset, you can now choose a default color to be selected when a user starts creating a publication. Click on one of the color swatches to make it the default color.

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Image background for brand guides

To make a brand guide even more 'on-brand' we have created the option to set a header image instead of a color. Switch a brand guide to its edit mode, edit the header and pick an image or design you created. A cool new extra thing here: the preview will show you what it will look like in combination with the header text.

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Set a custom thumbnail for collections

The collections are given a thumbnail to give a nice first impression of what you will find inside. Before, this thumbnail was a randomly picked image from that collection. With this new feature, you are able to pick a thumbnail yourself so you can pick the most relevant image for your collection.

Several small fixes due to the big update for the new UI last sprint