Release notes sprint 68

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

The first release of the new UI 🎉

Lytho has been given a new look! We did that not only because we think it looks better, but also because we believe that the new interface contributes to a faster and more pleasant way of working in Lytho. In this article, we will only highlight the biggest changes.

  • No more (hamburger)menu. We made the modules easily accessible by putting them in the top bar. Collections can be found in the Asset manager module and the create and publish module consists of templates and publications.
  • Upgrading the look and feel of the main pages to have a better overview and a more consistent experience.
  • Colours and shapes of blocks and buttons
HubSpot Video

A brief preview of the new UI

Receive an email when you have a to-do task

Tasks have similarities with notifications. They both show a badge on the icon with the amount of unread messages. However, notifications will push an e-mail when you haven't opened a notification after an amount of time (can be set in your profile).

WordPress plugin improvements 

We not only try to keep improving Lytho itself, but we also want to keep improving our plugins. The WordPress plugin has been given a better user experience as we have added visual feedback when:

  • Hovering over assets
  • Downloading an asset
  • Finishing a download

Templafy integration

We proudly present our Templafy integration! Select your assets from the Lytho Asset manager in your Templafy creations with just a few clicks so no more downloading and uploading again.

Contact your Lytho accountmanager for the details of this integration.