Release notes Sprint 126

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Generate translated previews for multi-language templates

By default, Create and Publish templates show the preview in the language it was created in InDesign. But after manually adding translations to a Lytho template, there is now an option to generate previews for those other languages. Therefore, users creating a publication in one of these other languages, or users having their system language set to a different language, will now be able to directly see a preview matching their chosen language.

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Inline editing in asset detail view

The edit button for asset details is history! By removing the edit button we made it possible to directly edit the asset details, for those who have the right to do so, without having to enable the edit mode first. 

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New flow for setting quitclaim planning

A quitclaim document is usually accompanied by restrictions. For this reason, we made it easier to add these restrictions to an asset that has been marked as quitclaim. A new modal, with existing settings, will help a user to block linked assets for download and/or set publishing and visibility dates.

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Compare asset version metadata with the active version

At a first glance, asset versions can have very few visual differences and may be hard to distinguish from each other. That's why we developed a useful asset version metadata comparison tool. When viewing the asset versions, you will have the ability to compare a previous version with the one that is currently set as an active version. The tool will list metadata of both assets and will highlight the differences.

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