Release notes Sprint 125

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

List view for assets

The assets in the asset manager were displayed in grid view where only the asset previews are visible and asset details used to be one or more clicks away. Therefore, the list view for assets was a much-requested feature. We're happy to have implemented the option for a user to switch between grid view and list view. Also, every single user has the option to configure the columns of the list view to match their needs.

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Show an icon to assets that are linked to one or more quitclaim documents

With this icon, you can see at a glance if an asset is linked to one or more quitclaim document(s). You won't have to open the asset detail view anymore which saves you a lot of clicks when checking multiple assets.

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Show a warning when leaving or refreshing your browser when an upload hasn't finished yet

Uploading large assets or many assets at once may take quite some time to be finished. To make sure that all assets are being uploaded correctly it is important to leave your browser open and not to leave Lytho. A warning has now been introduced to remind users that uploads haven't been processed correctly yet, and it's not recommended to close or leave the page.

Don't worry about terminating your upload when working in Lytho. The upload will continue as long as you're not leaving Lytho.