Release notes Sprint 122 - 124

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Watermark automatically applied when the asset is marked as 'blocked for download'

With this new feature, we provide a way to automatically apply a watermark to all assets that are marked as 'blocked for download'. This will allow users (with the rights to edit assets and Copywrite assets) to add watermarks to assets in batch actions. But be aware that watermarks can not be removed using the action bar as they can only be removed in the asset detail view of a single asset.

❕Contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature in your environment.

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Add permissions to be excluded from blocked for download

Marking an asset as 'blocked for download' can now be extended with additional permissions to exclude the block for download. Any user with the same permission(s) is able to download the asset despite it being blocked for download.

❕Contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature in your environment.

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The right to download assets without the applied watermark

As a user who can apply/remove a watermark, you now have the possibility to strip the watermark from the asset when downloading it if the asset has a watermark applied to it. You don't need to manually remove and add it back after I downloaded the asset.

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Add (hyper)link field type to the template builder and Create + Publish

InDesign has the option to create and assign hyperlinks to template elements. The template builder has been improved and can now recognize the hyperlinks. Once the hyperlink is added to the template as a new template field and the template has been synced to Lytho, it will appear as an additional template input field in Create + Publish where users can edit the URL of the hyperlink.

💡Hyperlinks are only enabled in pdf outputs when the pdf is generated with job options that are configured correctly.

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Sort assets and collections by name

A new sorting option has been added Assets and Collections. It is now possible to sort your search results in alphabetical order.

Collection share real-time sync

Shared collections used to exist of the set of assets that were in the collection at the point in time the collection was shared. The disadvantage of this was that changes made to the collection wouldn't affect the assets shown to the share link so it would be out of sync when assets were added or removed after sharing the link. From this release, shared collections are automatically synced when changes are made to the original collection.