Release notes sprint 64

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Add custom metadata

This sprint we've added a possibility to add custom metadata to your assets. Custom properties can be added by authorized users in the settings. In the asset detail view, the value of that property can be added to the asset.

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Extended the use of tag groups

From now on the tag groups serve as a tag category. When searching for a tag in the Asset manager, the tag group will appear as a tag category. Click on the category to view all the underlying tags in a list, and select the tags you want to filter on.

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Changed the UI of group settings

The group settings have undergone a minor facelift. The overview now has a menu on the left-hand side with all the existing groups. When selecting a group, its users will appear on the right-hand side. A nice addition is the option to reorder groups in the way you would like them to be ordered. 

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Export dashboard statistics

The Lytho dashboard is increasingly taking shape! The data can now be exported to an Excel file.

Logo on the share page

When sharing an asset, the logo of your company was displayed just like the one on your Lytho environment. Due to a technical issue, this wasn't the case anymore and it always showed the default Lytho logo. This issue has been fixed and your company's logo will be shown again on the page when sharing an asset via a URL.

Image editor stability improvements

The image editor did not behave properly at random times. Saving the position of an image that is repositioned in the image editor has been improved in terms of stability.