Release notes sprint 62

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Stability improvements

Improved the asset variant options

Lytho has the possibility to manage asset variants in the asset manager. This feature has been extended with the possibility to:

  1. Edit variant’s name

  2. See a preview/tile of the available variants

  3. Preview the variant on-click

  4. Download variant file

  5. Delete the variant

UI improvements

  • Group permission tags when they take more than one line.
  • Possibility to drag-select assets in the asset select modal when selecting multiple assets for collections and brand guides. Just like you were used to doing in the asset manager itself.
  • Show checkered background when selecting an asset with transparency, for file types like PNG, EPS, AI, SVG formats. This improves the visibility of white assets with transparent backgrounds.
  • Added a tooltip to .idml files when setting up a template so the full filename can be displayed.
  • Updated the InDesign and DAM authorization page when logging in to one of our Adobe Extensions.