Release notes sprint 61

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Stability improvements

  • Downloading high-resolution images 
  • Grouping user process and count of users
  • Frame fitting options in the template builder
  • Uploading large sets of assets
  • Deleting assets or publications. Before this update, occasionally, deleting them would mess up the search results in Lytho.
  • Importing big Excel files (>1000 rows)

Versioning in the asset manager extension

This sprint we created the functionality to upload a new version of an asset from the lytho extension in Photoshop / Illustrator

Ungroup user

The option to ungroup a user from the 'edit user' view in the user settings has been added. This was already possible from the group settings, but now it can be done via the user settings as well.