Release notes sprint 60

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Processing high-resolution uploads & downloads

The processing of high-resolution assets has been improved. Lytho is now capable of uploading and downloading assets of the best quality and the highest resolution.

Publishing brand guides

When publishing a newly added, or edited brand guide, the process could break and show the user an error. With this release, the publishing process has been made much more stable and the failures are history.

Asset manager plugin support large files

In Lytho we support all kinds of assets from a wide variety of sizes. The larger files (>50mb) weren't supported yet in the asset manager plugin for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. With this update, designers can open assets larger than 50mb with the asset manager plugin.

Remove publish & visibility date in single asset detail view

When authorized to do so, you can now remove the publish and visibility date in the single asset detail view. Before, this was only possible with the action bar in the multiple asset view. 

Filter on expired publish or visibility date

Two new filter options have been added to the planning-filter:
- view only invisible assets
- view only unavailable assets

These options make it possible to check if any assets are currently invisible or blocked for usage at the moment.

Support tabs in text files

The generating process of the preview of plain text assets (like .txt) has been improved. .txt files with tabs are now supported and will be displayed in the asset detail view like:

this is a tab

Previously .txt files with a tab were displayed like:

this is a tab

Changed default text to placeholders in brand guides

When creating a brand guide, users had to remove default text in the title input field and when creating a new text block, before they could fill in their own. Both the title input field and the text block have been made more user friendly by changing the default text into a placeholder so the default text no longer has to be removed before typing your own title or text.

The percentage is shown when uploading assets

When uploading (multiple) assets, a progress bar is shown to inform the user of the upload status of the asset(s). To provide the user even more information about the progress, a real-time percentage has been added to the progress bar.