Release notes sprint 59

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Asset navigation arrows

After deleting an asset, the navigation arrows in the asset detail view could break in some cases. When opening an asset in the detail view, it's possible to navigate properly again to the next or the previous asset with the navigation arrows.

Asset manager plugin progress spinner

The asset manager plugin didn't show a spinner anymore when downloading an asset in InDesign or Photoshop. This issue has been resolved in this release so you will be shown a spinner again when downloading an asset.

Copied template element no longer dependent

When a template is being created in InDesign, copied image frames are no longer dependent on it's original. The dependency was resulting in unwanted behavior when refreshing a publication. From now on, the original and it's copy both are unique and won't affect the other element.

Improvements template builder

  • Visibility of connected elements
    The template builder plugin for InDesign recognizes which elements are connected to the Lytho template fields. Previously you had to go through the created template fields one by one to check whether they were connected to any of the InDesign elements. With this improvement, the plugin will add a text or image icon to each template field which is connected to any of the InDesign elements.
  • Template overview
    We have reduced the font size to improve the readability of the template listview in the template builder.
  • Document recognition
    If you have multiple documents open, within InDesign, the template builder had no knowledge of which template is currently open. Now the template builder recognizes which document is open. 

Element recognition when creating publications

In the publication creation process, Lytho is able to detect which element (in the preview on the right-hand side) is connected to the input field you're selecting (on the left-hand side). With our latest update, Lytho is now able to detect elements on pages other than the one you're looking at. Selecting an input field which is connected to an element on another page, will make the preview change to that exact page.

Small UI improvements

  • Being able to approve assets from the waiting room on a mobile device
  • Remove unreplaced email tags like [MESSAGE] from notification emails
  • Don't show empty permission box on the profile page when the user has no permissions

  • Color picker in the filter panel can be opened on small screens