Release notes sprint 58

Which features have been worked on/added to Lytho since the latest release?

Filter reset option

The filters in the asset manager have been extended with the option to select 'all' options in a category. This will make it much easier to change your selection. E.g. you select the first 3 of the 10 options in the file extension filter menu. With the 'all' option you can reset the filter and quickly set another filter.

UI improvement for the shared asset page

  • The design, in general, has been upgraded.
  • The ability to navigate through pages of a multiple page document has been added
  • The ability to view assets in an enlarged pop-up has been added. It also functions as a video player for video files.

Video metadata (duration) notation

The metadata of the video is being displayed in [hh:mm:ss] from now instead of seconds only. Instead of 90 seconds, it will be 00:01:30 from now on.

Several technical improvements for Single Sign-On

Ask your account manager how we can facilitate your SSO-needs.

Fix for the auto-apply permissions setting

In some cases, it wasn't possible anymore to check the 'auto-apply permissions' in the user group management. This issue is fixed and from now on the administrators should be able again to make sure permissions are automatically being applied when a user uploads a new asset or when the status of a publication is being set to public.