Lytho Asset Management for Microsoft Office Powerpoint

Lytho is the single source to manage all your digital assets. Therefore it’s important to be able to directly select content from your Lytho environment in other applications without downloading files to your computer first.

Using the Lytho Microsoft Office plugin you are able to easily select images to use in your PowerPoint presentation. The Lytho MS Office plugin enables you to search and filter through all assets within your Lytho environment without leaving MS PowerPoint.

Assets selected from the DAM plugin will be imported into your document. Once you're done editing your slides, you can upload your Powerpoint document to Lytho as a new asset or as a version/variant of an existing asset.

The Lytho MS Office PowerPoint plugin is also available for PowerPoint Online.


  • Instantly use assets from your Lytho (Single Source of Truth) environment in your MS PowerPoint document
  • Save time on selecting and downloading
  • Always use the latest version of your assets
  • Prevent using images from the internet