How to search for assets using filters?

In the Asset manager, on the top left corner, click the button 'Show filters'. Here you will find all the possible filter options.

File type

With the filetype filter you can search for an image, document, vector, font, video or zip file. 

File extensions

This filter is kind of similar to the Category filter, but gives you the possibility to search for more specific assets based on their file extension.


Searching for assets can be easily done by typing the tags in the search-bar. But what if you are orientating, or if you are just not sure what exactly you are looking for? The tags filter can help finding the assets based on which tags they have. The panel shows an overview of tag groups and their tags which can be selected.

Similar images

Sometimes you look for an Asset that looks like one you already have. In this filter you can upload an Asset from your computer and as a result this filter will show you Assets in your DAM that visually look like the Asset you uploaded. You can also start this filter from an Asset in your DAM.  Very handy if you for instance only have the low resolution version of an Asset and look for the high-res version, or if you look for an Asset that fits perfectly with the one you are already using in a campaign.

Fun fact 💡: In this filter we use our powerful Visual Search Engine based on AI.


Based on the dimensions, an asset can be square, landscape, portrait or panoramic.


With the color filter you can filter on Assets that have a specific color as main color. Do you want to have an Asset with red elements? You can click, or even type in a specific RGB-code, and as a result it will show all the Assets with that specific color in it.

Resolution width

Are you looking for assets in high resolution quality? Use the resolution filter to search for assets based on the amount of pixels.


Some assets may have been tagged with permission tags. This is to make sure that these Assets are only visible for certain people. In this filter you can search on permissions which will show the Assets that are provided with that specific permission. Only the permissions that you have the right to see are available to filter on. 


There are multiple other filters in this section:

  1. Date added: In this filter you can look for a specific timeframe when an Asset is added to the DAM. You can use this filter in 3 ways:
    1. From: if you only fill the 'From' field with for instance 1st of November, the result will show the Assets that are added after the 1st of November.
    2. To: if you only fill the 'To' field with for instance 1st of November, the result will show the Assets that are added until the 1st of November.
    3. From - To: if you set a time range by filling both the 'From' field and the 'To' field with for instance 1st of November - 1st of December, the result will show the Assets that are added between the 1st of November and the 1st of December.
  2. Uploaded by: You might be looking for assets only you, or that specific photographer uploaded to Lytho. This filter shows the uploaded assets per user.