How to manage your shared links?

Manage all your links for sharing assets, brand guides, or publications and requests for upload on your settings page.

Creating links can be done from various places in Lytho, each link having its own purpose. Whether you want to share assets, brand guides, and publications or request someone to upload new assets, these links will have some variable settings.

These settings are manageable in two different places:

1. Your profile page. Here you can only manage your personal shared links.

2. The Lytho settings page where you can only manage the shared links throughout the whole system when having sufficient rights.

The page contains multiple tabs with similar tables. Each table row displays the data of one created link which will look like the table below.

Name Creation date Created by Valid thru Allow downloading Active
London Campaign 2022 Mar 25, 2021 User A Apr 24, 2021 Yes

Logo files Jan 12, 2021 User B Feb 11, 2021 No -

At the end of each row, you can use the menu optionsOptions_kebabto:

  • Edit the link
  • Visit the link
  • Delete the link