How to import tags and tag groups via an Excel file?

Go to the organize page within your Lytho settings, and click the Import button at the top of your tag groups column to upload your Excel file.

Adding tags to your Lytho environment can be done either manually within the settings or in batches using the import functionality.

When importing tags and tag groups by the use of an Excel file there are some rules you have to follow when setting up your .xlsx file. Let's start with showing an example file of how it should look before uploading it to Lytho:

  A B C D E F G H I
1 TAG Group TAGS              
2 Cities London Paris New York Rio de Janeiro Tokyo      
3 Sports Tennis Football Basketball Cycling        
4   Lytho              
5 Colors Blue Yellow Red Green Black White Silver Gold

  • Column A is meant for the tag groups that you would like to import to your environment. But you can also fill in an existing tag group to add new tags to this group
  • Filling in tags should be done starting from column B then C, D, and onwards.
  • In our example, the tag group Cities (A2) will be created and the tags London, Paris, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo will be added to this group.
  • Notice the tag Lytho (B4) is listed in a row (4) where no tag group has been filled in. This tag will be created and added to the Uncategorized tags.

The imported tags and tag groups will be added to the existing structure, so you don't have to be afraid that existing tags or tag groups will be removed or overwritten when importing tags. This feature mainly comes in handy when setting up your Lytho environment for the first time, or when adding a large number of new tags for an upcoming campaign for instance.

Are you thinking of completely reorganizing your tag structure? Be careful with removing all existing tags at once. Assets will lose their attached tags and will be hard to find back in your asset manager. Please contact your customer success manager to help you consider the approach of such reorganization.