How to manage a Collection?

Open a collection and add assets, share the collection, toggle visibility, send messages or set permission with via the buttons on the top right corner.

First you need to search for the collection you want to make changes to. Simply type the name of the collection in the searchbar or navigate to the collections page and look for the collection.

After opening the collection, you can perform multiple actions:

Toggle Personal collection / Private collection

Make your collection visible for other users, or hide your collection for all users but yourself.

Add assets

This function opens a window with all the assets from the asset gallery. Scroll down, type in the searchbar or select exsisting tags to search for the assets you want to add to your collection. 
Do you want to add an asset that is not in the asset gallery yet? 'Browse computer' gives you the opportunity to upload assets from your computer. Keep in mind that these assets may go to the waitingroom first and only will occur when approved by an administrator.

Share the collection

  • Allow downloading
    Allow the assets from this collection to be downloaded
  • Valid thru
    The link with the shared collection will expire by the date set in this calender
  • Message
    Add a message for the person you want to share your collection with
  • Create a shareable link
    Instead of sharing the collection via e-mail, you can create a shareable link. Copy this link and send it/share it via any of your prefered chanels.
  • Add email address
    Type the email address of the person you want to share the collection with and press Enter. You can add as many email addresses as you wish.

Send a message about the collection

To notify one or more Lytho users about a collection, you can send a message via Lytho. Select from the drop-down if you want to:

  • notify Individial people
    This will show a list of all users. Scroll down to find the user(s) or start typing in the searchbar.
  • notify People by permission group
    All permission groups will be displayed. Hover your cursor over the number on the right to see which users the message will effect to.
  • notify People by role
    Just like the permission groups, all roles will be displayed. Hover your cursor over the number on the right to see which users the message will effect to.

Edit the collection name, description and permissions

With the edit function, Lytho provides a way to change the name and description of the collection. These can be found under the General tab in the edit collection window. To add or edit permission tags to a collection, navigate to the Permissions tab in that same window.