How to crop an image?

The cropping images or creating variants feature can be found in the asset detail view, under the versions tab.

Have you found a nice image, but is it not exactly what you were looking for? Or were you looking for an image with other dimensions? Don't worry, Lytho has the functionality to crop or adjust images and save them as a variant of the original image. 
To do this, open the asset details by clicking on the button at the bottom right corner, after selecting the image. Now select Versions, open the cropping tab, and play around with the adjustable frame around the image.

Fill in the exact width and height you want the new image to be. Use the 'lock' to fix the width-x-height-ratio. See how the frame shrinks and drag into the desired position.

Cropper Presets

Presets can be added to help a user crop its image to the perfect aspect ratio. Presets can be added to the presets section of the Settings. Default presets for socials like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook can be selected from the list, but there is also a way to create your own preset with a suitable title

The Dots Per Inch can be set. Usually, a dpi of 300 is needed for high-quality printing and 72 is used for web images. 

Rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise if needed.

Save as
Happy with the result? Now you can:

  1. directly download the cropped image
  2. save the cropped image as a variant of the original image
  3. save the cropped image as a new asset in the asset manager