How to create an embedded link for an asset?

To use an asset in your CMS or HTML page, go to the general tab of the asset detail page and create an embedded link.

The embedded link will retrieve the current version of the asset from your Lytho asset manager at all times. Keep in mind that assets may be blocked for download or restricted with a publish date which will affect the embedded asset outside of Lytho.

To create an embedded link of an asset, you need to have the right permissions and a role with authorization to edit assets. If you do have so, you go to the asset preview and go to the general tab. There you will find the embedded link section with a 'create link' button. When clicking this button, it will create a link (URL) which will be displayed in the field next to it. At that moment the button will be replaced by a 'Copy link' button to make it very easy to copy the correct link for your CMS or HTML page.

Additions to the URL
Add a question mark (?) right behind the URL to divide the actual URL from the addition. Then, add one of the attributes followed by an equal sign (=) and its value. The attributes can be Width, Height, or Page.

Images, retrieved from the asset manager by an embedded link, can be scaled proportionally by adding width or height to the URL. The page attribute is used for assets with multiple pages like .pdf or .docx files.


1. https://[]?width=700

2. https://[]?height=400

3. https://[]?page=4