How to create a tag group menu?

Creating a tag group menu can be done on the Organize page of the Settings.

As the name suggests, the tag group menus consist of tag groups. So before tag group menus can be created to help you search more easily for your assets, you have to make sure that your tags are well organized in proper tag groups. Our implementation consultants are happy to help you set up a proper tag structure.

Creating tag group menus can be done in the Lytho Settings. Within the Settings go to the Menus tab of the Organize page. Click on the button on the top right corner 'Add menu' to open the edit menu modal and configure:

  1. Menu name
    Choose a short and comprehensive name that is representative of the tag groups listed within the menu.
  2. Module to host the menu
    Choose if you want this menu to be hosted within the Asset manager or the Create and Publish menu.
  3. Permissions
    It's optional to apply permissions to a tag group menu. By doing so, only users with these permissions will be able to use these tag group menus.

After creating a new menu it can be filled with tag groups by clicking on the empty frames stating  'Add tag group'. This will bring up a modal with a dropdown list containing all available tag groups. Each selected tag group will be displayed with its containing tags. Use the button with the up and down-facing arrows to reorder the tags within the group. Please note, this sorting will only be used in the tag group menu that you are currently editing.