How to create a publication from a template?

Look for the template you want to use, fill in all the available input fields, and generate your desired output.

Lytho Templates

Templates can be added to Lytho by those who are authorized to do so. From the main menu select templates. Here you can choose the type of template you want to edit based on the filter menu or use the search bar to enter a template name you are willing to use. Now you can create a publication. You can download your created Publication output and share it as PDF, JPEG, or PNG. You will find your own created publications in your personal archive.

Creating publications

Choose the type of template you want to use. Hover over the template with your cursor. Then a button appears with which you can adjust the template: "Create publication".

Filling the template

If you click on "Create publication", the input screen will appear. On the left, you see the text and image fields. You can adjust these yourself. They correspond to the texts in the template on the right.

Add text and images

Click in the text field you want to fill in and enter your text. Add a desired image from the asset manager or add it from your PC (if you have permission to do so). Click on 'Select an image'. A pop-up will now appear. Then select an image from the asset manager to insert.

Refresh preview

When you have filled in and adjusted all fields, you can view your creation by clicking on 'refresh preview'. If you are satisfied with that result, click on 'next'.

Generate output

Review the menu from top to bottom: Add tags, choose whether to make the publication public or private, give your output a name and description.

Finally, choose which file format you want to generate (if choices are available) and click on "generate output".

Download and share the publication

Your own professional publication is now ready. Click the share button to share your publication via e-mail. Click the download button to save the publication on your PC.


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