How to add tags to an asset?

Via the Tags tab in the asset details (single asset) or the batch edit bar (multiple assets) you can add tags to an asset

Adding a tag to an asset can be done in multiple ways:

  • For a single asset: When one asset is selected, click the All details option at the bottom of the info panel and navigate to the Tags panel. Select the edit button to enable tags to be edited. Start typing in the search bar to search for a tag you want to add to the asset. Or add a new tag by clicking on the button 'add as a new tag' after you filled in the name of the new tag. Tag groups will appear in the drop-down menu, if tag groups are defined.
  • For multiple assets: After selecting multiple assets in the asset manager, the action bar will pop up. Open the tags tab and select one or more existing tags or, like a single asset, search for a tag you want to add to the assets. Do the search results not meet your expectations? Click the dropdown menu on the right side of the search bar and select in which category you want to add the new tag. The newly created tag has now been added to the selection of assets.

Managing tags and tag categories can be done by Tag management.