How to add a Brand guide?

In your Lytho brand center you can find, next to your existing brand guides, the plus icon to create a new guide.

The (visibility of) functionalities described in this article depend on the role and the rights you have as a user. Contact your administrator if one or more options are not available to you.

In the Brand Center module, you can create your brand guide. You can set the name, description, color, and cover image when creating a new brand guide. Once that is done, you can start filling your brand guide with your corporate guidelines for the use of your brand.

A newly created brand guide will have one example page, with one example text block. To add or remove blocks and pages you have to toggle the switch from view mode, to edit mode. With this mode, the interface will show some extra options regarding adding, editing, and removing blocks and pages.

If in view mode, next to the toggle on the top right corner you can find the options to:

  • Duplicate a brand guide
    In a large corporate company, you might consider creating multiple brand guides for different departments with specific information per department. The core of each brand guide will probably be the same, and that is where duplicating a brand guide comes in handy.
  • Send a message about a brand guide.

The options here will be different when in edit mode:

  • Edit Brand guide
    When using this option, you will be able to change the name, description, cover image, and permissions
  • Brand guide history
    When publishing a brand guide, you are basically creating a new version. This powerful feature will save each version in a historical overview. In this overview, you will be given the opportunity to restore a brand guide. The publication date and name will distinguish each version so keep in mind to add a meaningful name to your published version.
  • Delete brand guide
    This option removes the brand guide from the Brandcenter module. A confirmation is needed, so you will not be able to accidentally remove a brand guide with one single click. And even when you have confirmed the delete, you have a second safety option to bring back your brand guide via the 'undo' toast message in the top right corner. 
  • Publish
    Setting up, creating, or editing a brand guide can be quite a task. When you are working on a brand guide, but it is not finished to publish, you simply switch the toggle from edit mode to view mode and all your changes will be saved in a draft version. If your brand guide is ready, you have to use the publish button to make it visible for all other users. Make sure to add a meaningful name/description to the version you are publishing as it will make more sense when viewing the brand guide history.