Brand Center - the full tour

Let us take you along all functionalities of the Brand Center

Brand Center Overview

Within the Brand Center, you get an overview of all brand guidelines that are available for you. Based on your roles and rights you might not be able to see all guidelines. Brand guidelines can be used to store a lot of information, but are most commonly used to outline a company’s brand identity. There can be several brand guidelines in one Brand Center, for example when a travel agency consists of multiple (sub)brands or agencies.

When opening a brand guideline, it contains a title and subtitle on top. A brand guide consists of pages and blocks. On the left is an interactive index that you can use to navigate directly to a specific block.

Are you creating a brand guide and don't you want each block to be displayed in the index on the left-hand side? You can hide or show blocks or pages from the index with the 'eye-icon'.

Or if you have multiple brand guides with a significant amount of similarities, you can create one 'master' brand guide which you can duplicate. The pages or blocks that are not relevant for a specific version of a brand guide can be hidden from the view mode by using the 'hide in view' option.


A brand guideline could for example contain information on which logos to use and how to use those correctly. On the right-hand side, you can see if any files are attached to the block. Ideally, the correct logos are attached to the chapter about logos. You can download them directly by clicking on the link beside the attached files.


Another topic found in most brand guidelines is typography. This can also be explained in text and imagery. On these kinds of blocks, the font files are attached to the right for direct download and use.

Colour palette

Also, there could be a color palette within the brand guideline explaining exactly which colors and color codes to use.


Depending on your roles and rights, you might be able to take a few actions with the brand guideline.

1. The toggle to go to edit mode
2. Duplicate the brand guideline
3. Internal messaging functionality
4. External sharing functionality

Do you have fewer options than stated above? This is likely due to the role and rights linked to your account. For example, the administrator could determine that not all users should be able to send custom messages to other users.

1. This allows you to edit the brand guideline. When finished editing, use the same toggle to switch to view mode again. Don't panic when your changes are not visible in the view mode. Toggle it back to edit mode and select Publish to publish your changes.

2. When creating a new brand guide, you might be able to reuse large parts of a previously created guide. This is where the duplicate function comes in handy.

3. If you want to send a message about a brand guide to one or more users, press the message button. In the next screen, you can select if the message should be sent to an individual user or a group of users. Then, select all the users/groups you would like to send a message to, and type a message in the message box below. By clicking next you can send the message. 

The receivers of your message will get a notification in the upper left corner of Lytho. By clicking on the notification icon, they will be able to view your message.

4. If you want to share a brand guide externally, click on the share button. With this option, you can share a brand guide with someone outside of the platform by generating an URL or sending it to their e-mail. The receiver will be able to see and/or download the brand guide by following the URL in their web browser.
- May the receiver download the brand guide that you’re sharing? Then check the first box. If you leave the box unchecked, they will only be able to see the brand guide in their web browser.
- Should the brand guide only temporarily be available? Schedule a validity date. If not, schedule the validity date far in the future.
- Do you want to add a message to the receiver? You can add a message to the receiver in the message box.
- Prefer sharing brand guides via another platform? You can create a shareable link (for example if you like to share a brand guide over another platform such as Slack or Whatsapp) or choose to send an e-mail directly.